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I'm trying to compile a Java project under Cygwin using a native Win32 Java.

The Java binaries are correctly found under /cygdrive/c/jdk/bin on my machine.

The following command works fine:

javac -d . ./gnu/kawa/util/

The PreProcess.class file is generated in ./gnu/kawa/util/. Trying to invoke Java on this fails however:

CLASSPATH=.:$CLASSPATH java gnu.kawa.util.PreProcess \
   %java6 +enable:XML \
   `sed -e 's|\([^ ]*\)|./\1|' < ./patch-source-list`
Error: Could not find or load main class gnu.kawa.util.PreProcess

This command was invoked by make, that's where the $CLASSPATH variable is set dynamically. patch-source-list is just a list of class names. The : in the classpath looks suspicious, but I'm not sure how to test ; while not annoying sh.

My only other suspicion is that the native Java is trying gnu\kawa\util\PreProcess, but I think cygwin can transparently handle that.

Any ideas? Thanks for your time.

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Try with CLASSPATH='.;'$CLASSPATH – Mat Mar 25 '12 at 16:06
Thank you, Mat! That was the fix. – Mar 25 '12 at 17:08
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Another option would be to build your path using the ':' and then fix the results using cygpath. This is probably overkill in your specific situation, but in a general case where you may have references to multiple directories, some of which may be referenced as absolute rather than relative paths, or if you are working with cygwin symlinks, it is much more useful.

$ ln -s /cygdrive/c/development/libraries/ ../libs
$ cygpath -pw /cygdrive/c/development/:.:../libs

so then you'd build your CLASSPATH variable as before, and in the final stage run

CLASSPATH="`cygpath -pw "$CLASSPATH"`" java (whatever)
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Remember, the JVM has no idea that you are using the cygwin bash shell.

Two things:

  1. for the classpath locations, use the windows path names. Thus, no "/cygdrive/c/somepath", but "c:\somepath\" ("/" and "\" can be used interchangeably however)
  2. use ';' instead of ':' in the classpath list

This should work:

export CLASSPATH="./gnu/kawa/util/PreProcess.class"
CLASSPATH=".;$CLASSPATH" java gnu.kawa.util.PreProcess
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The : in the classpath looks suspicious, but I'm not sure how to test ; while not annoying sh.

You're exactly right: you need to use ; instead of :. As for how to use it — as Mat alludes to above, you need to "quote" the semicolon. Any of these will work:





You can use whichever one you like best. (The first uses a backslash, which quotes a single following character. The second and third use single-quotes, which quote a sequence of zero or more characters. The fourth uses double-quotes, which are like single-quotes except that they still allow the variable $CLASSPATH to be expanded. For that matter, you could also write something like


if you want. See the above link for lots more information about quoting in Bash.)

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Thanks for the information ruakh! – Mar 25 '12 at 19:49

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