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the active admin docs says:

If you are using Rails >= 3.1, you must also include a beta version of MetaSearch and sass-rails:

  # Gemfile in Rails >= 3.1
  gem 'activeadmin'
  gem 'sass-rails'
  gem "meta_search",    '>= 1.1.0.pre'

I don't like sass-rails, I like less-css so can i use less instead of sass?

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ActiveAdmin's styles are written in SCSS. So to use the provided styles you have to install sass-rails.

However for your own styles you can use whatever you like. With the powers of the asset pipeline you can freely combine your custom less styles with the upstream-provided SCSS styles. As they are all compiled to CSS, your users doesn't notice an difference.

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thanks sir a lot :D –  user Mar 25 '12 at 16:48

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