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I have this old Access database (2000 format) which i want to convert to the new .accdb 2007 format. I know just basic stuff about Access so I knew it was a bit of a challenge, I decided to do it anyway.

It has two files, one appears to have all the tables "WOSS_Tables.mdb" (duh), the other ("WOSS.mdb") has a bunch of Forms and a Module and lots of code when I go to Database Tools / Visual Basic.

I opened them both in Access 2010 and did a "Save and Publish", "Save ass .accdb" and everything went fine with that.

So the first thing that pops up when I open the WOSS.mdb is a Login Form, but when i try to log in it says:

Error message

So i get it, it does not find the new file. Digging into the WOSS.mdb file (Now WOSS.accdb) i find a Module which has sort of a connectionString named ruta (route in spanish), so i changed it, pointing it to my desktop for now:

Option Compare Database
Option Explicit

Public xdescripcion As String
'** Ruta para abrir la base de datos
'Public Const Ruta = "\\the_super_secret_old_route\"
Public Const Ruta = "C:\Users\AlexXPS\Desktop\Woss"
Public M

And found on a bunch of Forms, lines like these:

Set dbs = DBEngine.Workspaces(0).OpenDatabase(Ruta + "WOSS_Tables.mdb", False, False, "")
Set dbs = OpenDatabase(Ruta + "WOSS_Tables.mdb", False, False, "")

Updated those with "WOSS_Tables.accdb" aswell.

Now, I click Save, then Debug menu, Compile then i close and reopen and i still get the same error as above, like it didnt compile at all?

If i check the Forms and the Module code, its like i changed it Ruta is correctly pointing at my desktop and the other changes were saved correctly aswell.

So, what am i doing wrong?

PS: Sorry for the long post :(


Okay, messing around with the code i found something out:

On the Logon screen theres a ComboBox which is supposed to show all the UserNames in the Users table, the ComboBox has a simple query on its "Row Source" Data Property

SELECT DISTINCTROW [Usuarios].[Name], [Usuarios].[Name] FROM Usuarios ORDER BY [Usuarios].[Name]; 

Which has nothing to do with the "Ruta" variable I changed!

So now the question is, how can I tell that ComboBox that the location of its source db changed? (Its not "\the_super_secret_old_route\WOSS_Tables.mdf" anymore, its "C:\Users\AlexXPS\Desktop\Woss/WOSS_Tables.accdb")

The previous error message was shown because of the ComboBox not finding the database :), not the other code (Which of course also needed to be changed)

I hope im explaining myself well, if not, heres a screenshot!

Properties Window of ComboBox

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Do you have linked tables in the first db (WOSS.accdb)? – Steve Mar 25 '12 at 17:47
Nope, no tables there. And there's an Users table in the WOSS_Tables.accdb file which has all the users/passwords/other info – seed_87 Mar 25 '12 at 19:21
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Look again at the change you made to the Ruta constant.

'Public Const Ruta = "\\the_super_secret_old_route\"
Public Const Ruta = "C:\Users\AlexXPS\Desktop\Woss"

Notice the previous version ended with a backslash; the new version doesn't. So in your OpenDatabase() statements, you're giving the full path to the database like this ...


or maybe it's like this with your other changes ...


Either way, it seems you're missing a backslash before the file name.

Edit: Your updated question indicates you have this as the row source for a combo box:

SELECT DISTINCTROW [Usuarios].[Name], [Usuarios].[Name]
FROM Usuarios ORDER BY [Usuarios].[Name];

Open the navigation pane, right-click its header, then choose Navigation Options ... Place a check mark in the box next to Show Hidden Objects. Then verify there is a linked table named Usuarios. You'll need to update the location of the db which contains the actual Usuarios source table. Do that by selecting the Database Tools section of the ribbon, then choose Linked Table Manager to update the link's location.

Edit2: You can examine the .Connect property of the Usuarios link to determine the location of the db file which contains the source table.

Public Function BackEndLocation() As String
    BackEndLocation = Split(CurrentDb.TableDefs("Usuarios").Connect, "=")(1)
End Function

That way you might be able to get rid of the Ruta constant and avoid the need to update that constant and the name of the database file everywhere your code calls OpenDatabase(). Just use the Linked Table Manager to update the links when the file name or location changes, then rely on the BackEndLocation() function to tell your code where it its.

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Your're right! It was wrong, changed it. Thank you! Please see my edit above! :) – seed_87 Mar 25 '12 at 20:29
There is a Usuarios table in your database, perhaps as a local table but more likely a link to a table in the other database. Perhaps you can't see it because it was set as hidden. See the update to my answer for guidance about updating the link. – HansUp Mar 25 '12 at 20:43
EXCELLENT! Updated every linked table to the new directory and now it works again! Thanks a lot HansUp :)! PS: When steve asked me if there were linked tables I assumed he meant normal tables on that accdb file, sorry about that Steve.. you had the right answer from the start! Again thank you both for the help! – seed_87 Mar 25 '12 at 20:54
Yes, too many times it happened to me. That's why one day I hate Access. Its ability to hide things is unattainable. Next day I love it. That damn report done in 10 minutes. – Steve Mar 25 '12 at 21:13
Good! I have one final suggestion. Please see Edit2. – HansUp Mar 25 '12 at 21:16

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