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I need to search mismatch values against already stored column values in a database and mark them as red. In this case, I indicate that this word is mismatch from the previously saved value.

My scenario is that I have a text area where user can update the values of a particular column.

When the user updates the value, at the same time I need to check that text area values against the previously saved values and mark only mismatch values as red.

I have this

string savevalues="this is great searching c#"; // get from database column

string textareavalue="this is greater search with c#"; //TextArea1.InnerText.ToString(); // get from text area which user entered.

When the user clicks on the update button, the result should be printed like this: "this is greater search with c#".

I want that input string and the compared one to be red only on the different words "greater" and "search".

What would be the best way to compare two string values according to this requirement?

if extra word added in middle so i need to color it also. ex. string savevalues="this is great searching c#"; string textareavalue="this is greater search with c#";

in example above result should be result="this is greater search with c#"; means "greater" "search" should be red color and extra word like "with" should be in other color say yellow.

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do you want to show the inflections of the words in the first string that appear in the second string? – Adrian Iftode Mar 25 '12 at 18:09
What would you expect to happen in case a word has been added intirely, in the middle? Like you added "with" but completely ignored it in the compare? Refine your question. – SimpleVar Mar 25 '12 at 20:31

I would recommend this.

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