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Below are the contents of sid column in a table ( where "S05201215" is a fixed string and remaining part of the Sring is a sequence of numbers)


I want to sort the the remaining part of the string (i.e. the numbers that i've appended to the string S05201215 in descending order .. what modifications should i do to the below query to get desired output?

SELECT `sid` FROM `mytable` order by SUBSTRING(`sid`,10,length(`sid`))
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You need to convert substring to int to use numerical sort. List of 1, 10, 2 will be sorted by your current query as 1, 10, 2, and if you convert it to int 1, 2, 10. –  Nikola Markovinović Mar 25 '12 at 19:27

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To sort in descending order, just add "DESC" to the end of your ORDER BY:

SELECT `sid`
FROM `mytable`
ORDER BY SUBSTRING(`sid`, 10, length(`sid`)) DESC

However, if the values of sid are of different lengths, you are probably going to want to cast the values to a numeric type before sorting:

SELECT `sid`
FROM `mytable`
ORDER BY CAST(SUBSTRING(`sid`, 10, length(`sid`)) AS SIGNED) DESC
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:- thx mate ... the 2nd query u've posted solved my problem ... –  Pramod Mar 25 '12 at 19:36

Have you tried:

SELECT `sid` FROM `mytable` order by SUBSTRING(`sid`,10,length(`sid`)) DESC
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Assuming (assumptions are bad) the string remains the same length ALL THE TIME, just do a simple order by sid

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I don't quite understand your data, but maybe something like this:

  SELECT SUBSTRING(sid, 0, 10) AS prefix, SUBSTRING(sid, 11) AS suffix
    FROM mytable
ORDER BY suffix

It look suspiciously like you're trying to implement your own little database inside the database, though, which is something you should avoid at all cost - let the database do what it's good at and normalize your model.

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