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Eclipse CDT >
    Project Settings > 
        C/C++ General >
            Paths and Symbols >
                 Includes >
                     GNU C++

There is a list of include paths.

Some are in bold and are project specific.

Others are builtin:

For example:


If I delete:


The paths are automatically rescanned when Eclipse launches.

I have gcc 4.6 and gcc 4.7 installed side-by-side.

When Eclipse rescans it only finds the 4.6 headers and not the 4.7 ones.

My question is this: By what mechanism does Eclipse determine the list of builtin include paths? (and hence why is it only finding the 4.6 headers and not the 4.7 headers?)

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This is controlled by the settings on Project->Properties->C/C++ Build->Discovery Options. By default, Eclipse will call g++ to discover the include directories. The first instance of g++ on the path will be the one that gets invoked. You can always set the full path to the compiler you want it to use for your project.

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Discovery Options are hidden by default, and can be enabled from Window > Preferences > C/C++ > Property Pages Settings > Display "Discovery Options" page. –  Seppo Enarvi May 7 at 6:58

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