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When uWSGI starts, it writes

"ImportError: No module named wsgi"

My uwsgi.xml

<!-- UWSGI XML Configuration File -->

    <!-- <socket>/var/www/uwsgi.sock</socket> -->

    <!-- <home>/home/klen/Projects/klen.github.com/_code/uwsgi/.virtualenv</home> -->


    <master />
    <no-orphans />


Server replies to browser:

"uWSGI Error

Python application not found"

and puts

"[pid: 7529|app: -1|req: -1/1] () {46 vars in 797 bytes} [Mon Mar 26 00:56:53 2012] GET /index.py => generated 48 bytes in 0 msecs (HTTP/1.0 500) 2 headers in 63 bytes (0 switches on core 0)"

in it's log file.

I think I need to install wsgi module for uWSGI as it writes "ImportError: No module named wsgi". How can I check if this module is installed?

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You have specified <module>wsgi</module>, and so uWSGI is doing what you have asked of it, to load a module named wsgi and serve it. How is your python script installed? You haven't even mentioned that you have a python program to serve.

Probably, what you really want is to use the <file> directive to tell uWSGI the path to read a python file from, and serve that. If you are using an installed module, you should substitute wsgi in the <module> tag with the appropriate module you are trying to serve.

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