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Sorry for my language. I have problem with TracStatsPlugin. I added in trac.ini following lines:

tracstats.* = enabled

root = /home/tracDirectory

Now I have stats for wiki and tickets but no for code. What can be wrong ? I add that I have configured svn repository and I can browse source using trac. A salvation can be other stats plugin to trac, but I can't find nothing good in google.

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What browser are you using? If you are using Internet Explorer, try using Firefox or Chrome and see if the problem persists. I am using the TracStats plugin and I see similar problems. The problems are only seen in Internet Explorer, though. After poking around with the debugger, it looks like there's an IE-specific bug in one of the Javascript libraries that the plugin uses.

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Question was aced long time ago, but google show it in first places so I put what I found here.

Once there was ticket on TracStatsPlugin Github about issue: https://github.com/mrjbq7/tracstats/issues/25 so some workarounds can be found in it comments.

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