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Should the following URLs be considered functionally equivalent?



This came about when a user of a Drupal module I wrote which parses apart and then rewrites URIs noticed that the code sometimes causes the query string parts to change in unexpected ways due to how some of the underlying PHP functions behave. For example:

parse_str("a&b", $values); print http_build_query($values);


Is this something I should bother worrying about?

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as an opinion, yes, this is something you should worry about since this will sooner or later break in mysterious ways that can be hard to debug, depending on how you plan to consume a and b query parameters. If they are going to be empty/null, why generate them in the first place? a better approach might be for the server script to check for existence of these params – Vijay Agrawal Mar 26 '12 at 0:06
I really don't have control what any of the servers being linked to are going to do. I'm basically just hoping that there's a codified standard out there that I couldn't find that someone can point me to, or, failing that, just a widely consistent method of implementation. If I can't find either, then I might have to start worrying and reinventing wheels. – Garrett Albright Mar 26 '12 at 0:45

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