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I am running a database transaction using ADO and VBScript in a classic ASP page, that involves multiple calls to Execute method of connection object (i.e. conn.Execute) . I have found that I need to set 'On Error Resume Next' at the top of my page, so that when any of the transaction calls ( i.e. conn.Execute ) fails, then I can follow it with roll back code. Can I run an ADO transaction, even when the error mode is 'On Error GoTo 0' rather than 'On Error Resume Next' in my classic ASP page? Sample code for rolling back transaction is as below.

'Rollback transaction if a previous conn.Execute fails
if err.Number <> 0 then
    if tranCount = 1 then
       tranCount = 0
    end if
end if
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Interesting question! I usually don't do database transactions from classic ASP so Im not sure that conn.Errors will trap errors before the ASP-script. But you can at least try...

IF conn.Errors.Count > 0 THEN
    response.write "whoops"

Otherwise it might help you to know that On Error Resume Next is effective only in the current scope. (see code below)

    response.write "start"
    response.write "middle"  '//<--- This will be printed

    dim b : b = 8 / 0  '//Division by zero

    response.write "end"    '//<-- This will NOT be printed!

    Function BadFunction()
        On Error Resume Next
        dim a : a = 9 / 0  '//Division by zero

        BadFunction = a
    End function

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