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Im try to build my plugins that sit in a seperate directory on the root.

    <PluginProjectFiles Include="$(MSBuildStartupDirectory)..\..\Plugins\**\*.csproj"/>
  <Target Name="BuildPlugins">
    <MSBuild Projects="@(PluginProjectFiles)" Targets="Clean;Build" Properties="Configuration=Release" />
    <Message Text="Dir: $(MSBuildStartupDirectory)" />

Although im having problems. I my build runs the 'BuildPlugin' Target but it doesnt build my project files. I really dont want to have to build each project seperatly if I can avoid it.

Any ideas would be great. Thanks,

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Please refer to my resolution below.

    <PluginProjectsFiles Include="$(SrcFolder)\Plugins\Plugin.*\*.csproj" />
  <Target Name="BuildPlugins">
    <Message Text="Building Plugins" />
    <MSBuild Projects="@(PluginProjectsFiles)" Targets="Clean;Build" Properties="Configuration=Release" />
    <Message Text="Plugins Built" />

I then changed my DependsOnTargets attribute on my primary build target to my 'BuildPlugins' target. Hope this helps someone as this cause me considerable pain.

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