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I want to simulate a keypress in Java. Others have tried this using Robot. This only allows an atomic keypress, where I want to simulate a key hold (for a second, say) and release. So, I need to use JNA or JNI.

I investigated JNative, but this seems to be for consuming key events at an OS level, not generating them at an OS level. How can I generate such events from Java?


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Actually, using Robot you can hold down a key for second.

Robot r = ...
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Thanks, but this won't work. See this other post on this: stackoverflow.com/questions/784414/… because doing keyPress, then wait, then keyRelease, doesn't work like you would expect. Another answer suggests using another thread for timing while issuing repeated Robot.keyPress() calls, but that doesn't do a "press and hold" either, it just does a lot of individual key presses. I am trying to interface to a program that needs the low-level events - Robot isn't working at all. Hence why I need to interface to the Windows API in some way. Thanks –  user1292066 Mar 26 '12 at 3:56

From the JavaDoc:

void java.awt.Robot.keyPress(int keycode)

Presses a given key. The key should be released using the keyRelease method. 

EDIT: Adding a sample:

    Robot robot = new Robot();
    System.out.println("You have 2 seconds to jump to the target window...");
    robot.keyPress( KeyEvent.VK_A);
    robot.keyRelease( KeyEvent.VK_A);
    robot.keyPress( KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT);
    robot.keyPress( KeyEvent.VK_A);
    robot.keyRelease( KeyEvent.VK_SHIFT);
    robot.keyRelease( KeyEvent.VK_A);

Ouput on the target window:


(I know this is not what you want but I added it for future readers as a reference so they don't think there is a bug in the JavaDoc or Robot)

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