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We have a test Suite containing 3 steps. The first step executes a WSDL. The second is a delay of 10 seconds and the third calls another WSDL.

The first requires the System.currentTimeMillis() as a parameter. The same time needs to be passed to the third. We have tried setting a run time parameter like ${=System.currentTimeMillis()}.

This works fine for the first step. But when the third step is called, the ${=System.currentTimeMillis()} is executed again giving a different millisecond value. Is there any way how we can get the current milli second in the first step and pass the same across the third?

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Try adding a property to your test case, called "currentTimeMilisecond". Then, add a groovy test step, before your other requests, like this:


Then, in the test steps replace your ${=System.currentTimeMillis()} with ${#TestCase#currentTimeMilisecond}.

This seems to work for me, but I don't know your specific requests. Good luck!

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Sorry about the last answer, cut-and-pasted me silly. This example should work. –  Per Åkerberg Mar 26 '12 at 10:43

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