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due to a servercrash my IIS settings for a website were lost and I do not have the exact settings in hands. So I replaced the domain name with the ip address, and I am getting this error.

Is there a way to accept the security certificate on IE9 and skip clicking Show Content everytime when I get to the website?

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No. Certificates are issued to a CN (Common Name) and browsers will complain when the CN doesn't match the address in the browser bar. You need a new certificate issued to the IP address.

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I thought so.. Thank you very much for taking time to respond.. I'll get that done. –  SonalKhodiyar Mar 26 '12 at 3:40
if you only want to fix it for a small group of known users you could try to force IE to accept it like detailed here (for IE8 and "self-signed" certs): stackoverflow.com/questions/681695/… –  SpliFF Mar 26 '12 at 3:43
Thanks for sharing the link. I had already tried that. It didnt work. I am pretty sure there is no other way out.. Just wanted to confirm my thoughts if I was wrong... –  SonalKhodiyar Mar 26 '12 at 3:53

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