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I have created a flash game similar to farmville with as3 , the connections with db is done using amfphp 2 , now im going to integrate it with facebook , but as i go through tutorials i found different type of tutorials which most of them are outdated , since facebook has changed alot. if some body can give a simple structure of how should do the authorization and connect my game with facebook ill be thankful.

i have tried this tutorial , but the place where the flash calles amfphp function and create new instance of facebook it retrns error.

i tried to authenticated the user first in another php page and then pass the parameters to the page which i load my flash game , like this i would have my currently logged in user and through i do the rest , but still i would have problem with posting and sending requests ,

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Please tell me you realized that the blog post you're looking at is from 2009, which when compared to the rate that Facebook evolves is like an eternity ago. – Marty Mar 26 '12 at 3:52
yes Marty, unfortunately that's why im getting confused in here , i couldn find the post which cover these and posted recently ,, thanks if anyone can give me some suggestions. currently wanna get the current uid thought a php page once the application clicked,and pass the id to page that includes the flash game , there rest i do it through db, but since from action script project i cannot use amfphp the make facebook instance , im worry i face with problem to do other stuff like post and send request is it what im gonna do is the correct method , for integrating as3 game with flash ,, Thanks – Delavega Mar 26 '12 at 7:45
what's the error you're getting? can you login and connect just using php (not going through actionscript). one of the most common errors when using amfphp is that if the php script outputs anything (echo(), print() or even a space after the ?> end tag) it'll not work in flash while still working on the web – divillysausages Mar 26 '12 at 21:08
the error happens when im going to initial a facebook instance in php code while its called through amfphp, i guess in that case the php file will be totally out of facebook canvas thats why it fails ,, but finally i used the graphApi for action script and it could give me the result ,,, Thanks for your suggestions ,, however this method remained unsolved – Delavega Mar 27 '12 at 12:03

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