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I have an AIR app that includes blooddy_crypto_0.3.5.swf

<script src="lib/MD5/blooddy_crypto_0.3.5.swf" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"></script>

I want to calculate the MD5 hash of a byte array I'll read via a filestream.

What I can't figure out is HOW to call the Md5 function.

swfdump blooddy_crypto_0.3.5.swf


by/blooddy/crypto/MD5", lazy load

So, how do I instantiate this function from my javascript?

I've read How to access Actionscript from Javascript in Adobe AIR and How to invoke an ActionScript method from JavaScript (HTMLLoader) object in AIR?

But it didn't really help, I'm nOT trying to manipulate a DOM object but run a piece of Math ;)

Any help appreciated.

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