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i need o create a new method say test4 for rotation and to add a functionality in the file logger class

for example something like this:-

logging::filelogger filelog(logger, "test4.log");

and subsequent for weekly and monthly issues
also i have implemented two header files :-

class Logger;

   class LogObserver {

           virtual ~LogObserver() { };
           virtual void LogUpdated(Logger* defaultLogger) = 0;

and filelogger.h

class FileLogger : public LogObserver
      FileLogger(Logger* inLogger, std::string logfile);
      virtual ~FileLogger();

      void LogUpdated(Logger* defaultLogger);
  //something i have tried for the daily,weekly issues.....
      void SetRotation(Logger* daily);
      virtual void SetRotation(Logger* weekly);
      virtual void SetRotation(Logger* monthly);
      Logger* logger;

      ofstream file;

in the main .cpp i need to write a function void test4();

i am not going to change the output of the filelogger, the program must create a new file when the ratation is daily every day. so say if i run a program that writes to the log file every minute. filelog_today.log will contain the entry for 23:59, but the entry for 00:00 will start a new log file, because it's a new day,please help at the earliest...

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