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I'm trying to run a mp3 file using android media player. I'm using this code below

MediaPlayer mediaPlayer = MediaPlayer.create(this, "mmt/sdcard/mp3/file.mp3"); 

But Ecliplse showing error & it says I can't use string as argument of create method. How can I run the file using this file location?

Plz help

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you should use setDataSource to set the source of your media files. For files on the sdcard, the setDataSource(String ds) works best.

Also, note that your url should probably be mnt instead of mmt, and you need a forwardslash at the beginning, making your full url look like this: /mnt/sdcard/mp3/file.mp3

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Thanks bro. It works –  Zahid Habib Mar 26 '12 at 11:52

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