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I am using the anchor tag <a runat="server" id="myAnchor" rel=""> and i want to set the rel value from my code behind.I can access the anchore tag in code behind but i haven't seen the property called rel. Can any body suggest me what i have to do.

thanks in advance.

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You can set any attribute on controls using the .Attributes property. You are not see any property called rel because you use a general html control bu just placing the runat="server" on the anchor, and this is not like the HyperLink control that include more specific properties.


private void Page_Load()
    //Example 1
    myAnchor.Attributes.Add("rel", "relative");

    //Example 2
    myAnchor.Attributes["rel"] = "relative";


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you can use "Attributes",like this:

myAnchor.Attributes["rel"] = "...";
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