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Has anybody already faced a message like:

Information while loading package1:The package is attempting to configure from the XML file \xxxx\yyyyy\package1.dtsconfig

So I did set a configuration file to my package but I'm just wondering why I got this message even though the package is successfully executed.

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This is expected behaviour. There is an option per package to suppress this message, SuppressConfigurationWarnings

If you don't want to edit your packages, you can try the SET option on package invocation /SET "\Package.Properties[SuppressConfigurationWarnings]";1

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+1 for including both ways to suppress the message. Though one would think the message is self-explanatory and neither a warning nor an error, so the purpose of suppressing it is only to reduce the noise and prevent others from needing to look this answer up in SO :-). –  Thronk Oct 10 '13 at 15:15

I believe that is not a warning, just some information.

It is useful when debugging to help you make sure it is loading the correct configurations. If it failed to load the configurations you would have a a 'real' warning saying that it failed to load the configurations from said file.

This also happens when using parent package variables

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I would say that this is an info message that the configuration is being loaded but Its the first time I'm seeing it even though I use configuration files all the time. Are you sure your config file is ok? Can you post it here so we can take a look?

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