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Hello Friends,

I have seen an iPhone app Path and Installed in Device and in this app I have seen Facebook functionality means I have installed Facebook App and successfully logged in this app and now How can I open my profile,feeds,friend list and other functionality from my demo app so please give me idea how can I develop this functionality.

Thanks in advance.

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Here,… you can find similar post. – Maulik Mar 26 '12 at 8:37

Any application can register a custom URL scheme, and when your app opens that URL, IOS will switch to the application that has registered that URL scheme. The Facebook app has registered such a scheme, with apparently quite some capabilities. See

However, I don't think that you can switch back to your app after that. So, if you just want to fetch some Facebook information, then you are probably better off using the Facebook web interfaces. You don't need to have the Facebook app installed at all when doing that.

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