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I want to design a login and register layout using android tabs. Image is as shown below. how do i proceed enter image description here

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You can proceed by doing this: "File -> New -> Android Project" – Reno Mar 26 '12 at 7:40
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I would use the Android API Support Library and the sample FragmentTabsPager located at

You would have two tabs, corresponding to two Fragments that you could name RegisterFragment and LoginFragment.

Basically you would remove the lines

            FragmentStackSupport.CountingFragment.class, null);
            LoaderCursorSupport.CursorLoaderListFragment.class, null);
            LoaderCustomSupport.AppListFragment.class, null);
            LoaderThrottleSupport.ThrottledLoaderListFragment.class, null);

and replace them with

           RegisterFragment.class, null);
           LoginFragment.class, null);

Then you implement those Fragments and integrate this code into your Activity. You'll also need to integrate the fragment_tabs_pager.xml layout into your layout.

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Hi louie, activity part is right.. how can i change tab colors? default color is gray and black. i want to change it to blue.. layout color i could change – sush Mar 26 '12 at 6:53
To style your tabs, please take a look at… – louielouie Mar 26 '12 at 6:56

I think you can use FrameLayout to do it in a simple way, managing the visualization when you user press "Register" or "Login".

Something like that:

  • TabRow with two buttons those have the same weight (and a selector of different colors to manage differents state)
  • FrameLayout with two children: one for the registration section and one to allow user to login
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