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Preferably Eclipse Plugin

Is there any Eclipse plugin which can help me in looking at performance of a Java program?

or (in case Eclipse plugin is not available)

If there isn't any Eclipse plugin, is there any other way?


What about mBProfiler?

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I wouldn't use TPTP, as it is no longer maintained. If you're interested in profiling, have a look at JVM Monitor. It is very similar to (J)VisualVM, but with a better integration into Eclipse in my opinion. If you're more into micro benchmarking, JBenchX might be worth a look.

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Thanks, also can you take a look at mBProfiler, how is it? – abi1964 Mar 26 '12 at 7:26
I don't know about mBProfiler, never worked with it. Seems to be commercial. In a previous job, we've used [www.yourkit.com](YourKit) as a commercial profiler, and I was very happy with it, but mostly use JVM Monitor nowadays for my needs. mBProfiler seems to especially target embedded JVMs, not sure if you need that or not. – cello Mar 26 '12 at 20:10

If you can, use jvisualvm in the Sun Java 6 JDK.

another tool is visualvm

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You can use jvisualvm to analyze the code and find bottlenecks.

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you can use Eclipse Test and Performance Tools Platform (TPTP) to profile your java application

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