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Im going to parse CSV into JS matrix array, i want to get array[row][column] from CSV string. I know at first i need to parse csv into table, i dont want to use libs like jquery and etc. I think to use regexp function like that, but it didnt make 2d array.

function CSVtoArray(text) {
    var re_valid = /^\s*(?:'[^'\\]*(?:\\[\S\s][^'\\]*)*'|"[^"\\]*(?:\\[\S\s][^"\\]*)*"|[^,'"\s\\]*(?:\s+[^,'"\s\\]+)*)\s*(?:,\s*(?:'[^'\\]*(?:\\[\S\s][^'\\]*)*'|"[^"\\]*(?:\\[\S\s][^"\\]*)*"|[^,'"\s\\]*(?:\s+[^,'"\s\\]+)*)\s*)*$/;
    var re_value = /(?!\s*$)\s*(?:'([^'\\]*(?:\\[\S\s][^'\\]*)*)'|"([^"\\]*(?:\\[\S\s][^"\\]*)*)"|([^,'"\s\\]*(?:\s+[^,'"\s\\]+)*))\s*(?:,|$)/g;
    // Return NULL if input string is not well formed CSV string.
    if (!re_valid.test(text)) return null;
    var a = [];                     // Initialize array to receive values.
    text.replace(re_value, // "Walk" the string using replace with callback.
        function(m0, m1, m2, m3) {
            // Remove backslash from \' in single quoted values.
            if      (m1 !== undefined) a.push(m1.replace(/\\'/g, "'"));
            // Remove backslash from \" in double quoted values.
            else if (m2 !== undefined) a.push(m2.replace(/\\"/g, '"'));
            else if (m3 !== undefined) a.push(m3);
            return ''; // Return empty string.
    // Handle special case of empty last value.
    if (/,\s*$/.test(text)) a.push('');
    return a;

help me please to parse into matrix array. ps iv found simple way to split into array, but it also not a 2d

<div id="arrayDiv">Windows, Mac, Linux</div><br />
The array is:<br />
var myTxt = document.getElementById('arrayDiv').innerHTML;
var myArr = myTxt.split(',');
for (var i=0; i<myArr.length; i+=1) {
    document.writeln(myArr[i]+'<br />');
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How does your csv file looks? Give a sample. – AmGates Mar 26 '12 at 7:28
Thanks for interesting, i have already get an answer, unfortunately i cant post it right now, but ill make it later, function is very tiny and it makes a really multi dim arrays. – user1112984 Mar 26 '12 at 15:11

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