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I need help in an "homework". I cant get to work this code because I cant convert from int to *char. The big problem is that I cant use strings. This is the code:

//This is in a class

void Interfaz::guardarFCS() {
    char *nombreArchivo = vent.pedirTxt("por favor inserte un nombre para el archivo");
    int ancho = elMapa.getterAncho();
    int alto = elMapa.getterAlto();
    int estadoCasilla;
    int l;
    int k;
    for( l = 0; l<ancho; l++) {
        for( k = 0; k<alto; k++) {
            estadoCasilla = elMapa.casillaMapaInt(l,k);
            if(estadoCasilla==1) {

where escribir is just an ofstream with <<whatIsSend. in here I cant create a ofstream variable

#ifndef Exportador_H
#define Exportador_H

class Exportador {

    char fileName[255];
    std::ofstream archivoIn;

    void setFileName(char*,int);
    void cargar(char*);
    void crear();
    void escribir(char*);
    void guardarFcs(Mapa);


the only way to make it work would be to create a new variable for each method since the problem would be using class-declaration for non-member at class scope, if I don't use the std:: another error would arraise called 'ofstream' does not name a type. either way for at least reading my code. Any sugestions would be welcome

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very few people on StackOverflow will now what cargar or guardarFcs mean. I do think archivoIn probably should have been named archivoOut? In other words: naming matters, and please post English code on SO –  sehe Mar 26 '12 at 6:31
I don't really understand your question. Do you just need a function to convert an int to a char * without using strings or ostreams? Or is there anything else I am missing? Why the new variable for each method? This is the part, which is not making sense in my opinion. Also you say that escribir is just an ostream, but you are using it like a method, so it cannot be. Try to edit your answer for more clarity, maybe then I can help. –  LiKao Mar 26 '12 at 6:31
Your question is confusing, I don't get what the actual problem is. It might help if you edit the question so to make it clear. Changing spanish names into english for the code would be a plus, since it will be easier for non-spanish speakers to understand your code. –  Antonio Pérez Mar 26 '12 at 6:34

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I don't fully see what you are asking, but this should work:

void Exportador::escribir(int i)
     char convertedToText[10] = {0};
     // convert to text, this is the exericse 
     //   (use 
     //       - while loop, 
     //       - i=i/10 and 
     //       - i%10)
     // don't forget to null-terminate

     archivoIn << convertedToText;

I'm not showing you the actual conversion (hint: itoa might be what you want if you're allowed to use it), as that would remove the exercise from the homework

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archivoIn << i works just fine if archiveIn is ofstream. –  J.F. Sebastian Mar 26 '12 at 6:48
@J.F.Sebastian: I thought the conversion is homework. I agree it isn't clear. Anyways... –  sehe Mar 26 '12 at 6:58

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