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I am new to chef and I have a question regarding the following.

I have two servers that both use nginx. The only difference is that the config files are different. I am using erb templates for the nginx config files.

I would imagine that I would need one cookbook with two erb filets in the templates directory.

So, lets say I have two roles server1 and server2 and in the runlist for the both is nginx.

How do I set things up so when using role 1 to use the config file for server1? Same goes for server2.

Any tutorials on this subject?

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The nginx cookbook at http://community.opscode.com/cookbooks/nginx, presents an ideal solution to the problem.

You have only one cookbook and one config template. If you need to customize something, create a role and just overwrite the attributes in your role.

There's also a definition (nginx_site), so you can use it to put sites inside the same nginx instance, enabling you to maintain as many sites as you want with little trouble with the overall nginx configuration.

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Define the roles for server 1 & server 2. In that use, override_attributes or default_attributes. For using this, you have to be pro-active in writing recipes itself. See the Precedence section in below link for attribute precedence


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