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How do I remove the unused zeros from my website counter, when it says 0d 0h 23m 4s... the "0d" & "0h" should be removed... How do I do this?

Below is a copy of my code, it works I just don't know how to stop the zeros from showing when it's not needed. example: the timer reads.. 0d 0h 58m 3s... the days and hoursare at Zero and dont need to be shown so how do I remove them? I hope this gives you a clear picture of what the situation here is.

var year=2012    //-->Enter the count down target date YEAR
var month=3      //-->Enter the count down target date MONTH
var day=27       //-->Enter the count down target date DAY
var hour=0      //-->Enter the count down target date HOUR (24 hour clock)
var minute=00    //-->Enter the count down target date MINUTE
var tz=-5        //-->Offset for your timezone in hours from UTC (see http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/index.htm to find the timezone offset for your location)

//    -->DO NOT CHANGE THE CODE BELOW! This is just a personal comment dont mind it<--
var montharray=new Array("Jan","Feb","Mar","Apr","May","Jun","Jul","Aug","Sep","Oct","Nov","Dec")

function countdown(yr,m,d,hr,min){
    var today=new Date()
    var todayy=today.getYear()
    if (todayy < 1000) {todayy+=1900}
    var todaym=today.getMonth()
    var todayd=today.getDate()
    var todayh=today.getHours()
    var todaymin=today.getMinutes()
    var todaysec=today.getSeconds()
    var todaystring1=montharray[todaym]+" "+todayd+", "+todayy+" "+todayh+":"+todaymin+":"+todaysec
    var todaystring=Date.parse(todaystring1)+(tz*1000*60*60)
    var futurestring1=(montharray[m-1]+" "+d+", "+yr+" "+hr+":"+min);
    var futurestring=Date.parse(futurestring1)-(today.getTimezoneOffset()*(1000*60));
    var dd=futurestring-todaystring
    var dday=Math.floor(dd/(60*60*1000*24)*1)
    var dhour=Math.floor((dd%(60*60*1000*24))/(60*60*1000)*1)
    var dmin=Math.floor(((dd%(60*60*1000*24))%(60*60*1000))/(60*1000)*1)
    var dsec=Math.floor((((dd%(60*60*1000*24))%(60*60*1000))%(60*1000))/1000*1)
    else {
        document.getElementById('count').innerHTML=+dday+ "d "+dhour+"h "+dmin+"m "+dsec+"s";
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change this line:

document.getElementById('count').innerHTML=+dday+ "d "+dhour+"h "+dmin+"m "+dsec+"s";

to conditionally show the dday, dhour etc. For example:

document.getElementById('count').innerHTML= ((dday !=0) ? (dday+ "d ") : "") + ((dhour !=0) ? dhour+"h " : "") +dmin+"m "+dsec+"s";

For more clarity, you can build the string in multiple lines, as such:

var counterStr = "";
if (dday != 0)
  counterStr += dday+ "d ";
if (dhour != 0)
  counterStr += dday + "h ";
counterStr += dmin+"m "+dsec+"s";

document.getElementById('count').innerHTML = counterStr;
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U da man!, U da man! - I just copied and pasted the first line of code you told me to re place and the zeros just vanished... Do I need to do anything more... in general or with that part you told me about "for more clarity" or was that another example/ way you were showing me how to do it, or do I need to use that code? - Thanks "Tech Lover" Steve –  Steve Mar 26 '12 at 18:34

replacing it with empty string an idea?


and whilst counting:

                 (+dday > 0 ? +dday + 'd ' : '') +
                 (dhour > 0 ? dhour+'h ' : '') +
                 (dmin > 0 ? dmin+'m ' : '') +

or (shorter)

var val = +dday+ "d "+dhour+"h "+dmin+"m "+dsec+"s";
document.getElementById('count').innerHTML = val.replace(/0[a-z]\s/gi,'');
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Some people, when confronted with a problem, think "I know, I'll use regular expressions." Now they have two problems. (Jwz) –  Nikos Ventouras Mar 26 '12 at 7:18
Ah well, there's a non regex solution in the answer too ... Could you elaborate on the two problems? –  KooiInc Mar 26 '12 at 7:20

Try this

    else {
count_str = "";
if (dday > 0) {
count_str = count_str + dday + "d ";
if (dhour> 0) {
count_str = count_str + dhour + "h ";
count_str = count_str + dmin+"m "+dsec+"s"
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Don't break your sweat on something which is already taken care of by moment.js. This tiny javascript library with no dependencies takes care of displaying date or time (elapsed till now). It also has robust support for localization.

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Can we keep it to answering the questions as they were asked? –  Nikos Ventouras Mar 26 '12 at 7:16

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