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I have a list of strings in kumo. I am printing three strings. I am getting them on 3 lines. I want them on one line separated by spaces. I am using the following code:

(display (first kumo))

(display (fourth kumo)) 

(display (second kumo))


(printf "~a~a~a" (first kumo)(fourth kumo)(second kumo))
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Hmm... unless I'm misunderstanding you, Racket already does that. Here's a small (complete) program illustrating this:

#lang racket

(define kumo (list "the" "very" "big" "dog"))

(printf "~a~a~a" (first kumo)(fourth kumo)(second kumo))

... which produces


If you want spaces between the words, put them in the format string:

#lang racket

(define kumo (list "the" "very" "big" "dog"))

(printf "~a ~a ~a" (first kumo)(fourth kumo)(second kumo))

... which produces

the dog very

You can do the same thing with display, by displaying a string containing a single space in between the calls that display the words.

If I had to guess at your problem, I'd say that the strings you're displaying have newlines embedded in them.

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