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This is the first time I've used a 3rd party jar, but it seems like I'm doing everything right. I'm using Jsoup to parse html.

In my project, under Properties->Java Build Path I have added the external jsoup jar. Under Order and Export I have tried jsoup both checked and unchecked. Seems to have made no difference. When writing my app, eclipse was able to find the right imports, autocomplete methods/constructors. Eclipse seems to see Jsoup fine.

However, when I run my app, one of my activities calls methods from Jsoup. Whenever I launch that activity, I get the following error.

Could not find method org.jsoup.parse, referenced from method...
VFY: unable to resolve state method 348: Lorg/jsoup/Jsoup; parse...

Am I not importing it properly? Why can it not find jsoup? The above steps seem to be the answer to all the questions on importing a 3rd party jar to android in eclipse.

My best guess is that eclipse can see the jsoup.jar, but it does not package up the parts I need with the app, so the app is unable to use them. Not sure if that's it, but if it is, how would I force eclipse to package it so the app can use it from anywhere?


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Have you pressed Ctrl+Alt+O (/Organize Imports/)? –  bos Mar 26 '12 at 7:18
I hadn't done that, no. Thanks. Actually, for anyone coming after, it's Shift+Alt+O. If you add your comment as a response, I'll accept it. –  The Holo Dev Mar 26 '12 at 14:36

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Invoke the Eclipse function Organize Imports by pressing Shift+Alt+O and that should take care of everything.

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