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I would like to delete every double space in a file open in vim, how is this done?

e.g delete space here

a  a

but keep the space here

a a
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Where the elements are:

  • %s substitute in the whole file
  • \s what to substitute: a space
  • \{2,} two or more occurrences
  • // replace with nothing (i.e. delete)
  • g do it on every occurrence on the current line (not only on the first)

The elements shall become clearer if you look at the anatomy of the substitute call:


So, the PATTERN in our case is \s\{2,}, the REPLACEMENT is empty and FLAGS are just g. The range gets prefixed and is % which indicates the whole file. If you just want to do it on some lines, you could select the lines visually and then type :s....

In your question, you wrote that you want to

delete every double space in a file

That's what I answered. If you want to replace two and more spaces by one, the command would be

:%s/\s\{2,}/ /g
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Just to be clear about a minor point: The \s pattern doesn't match "a space" but rather whitespace in general. In Vim, the pattern given would match a combination of two or more instances of <Space> and <Tab>. – glts Mar 26 '12 at 11:02

How about this :%s/ */ /g

(there are two spaces in between / and *)

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There should be three spaces and if you but the desired keystrokes on its own line, it will format correctly (see answer below). – RunHolt Mar 26 '12 at 18:54

You can do something like:

:%s/\s\s\+/ /g
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Although the answer with { is most efficient, I find it easier to remember the space * solution. The correct solution would include three spaces (because * matches 0 or more).

:%s/   */ /g

Of course, this also assumes you want to replace two or more spaces with a single space.

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