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When you click on the buttons they load the page but on hover I have the following jQuery in a WordPress template which loads my content into a div:

 jQuery("#menu-item-72 a, #menu-item-71 a, #menu-item-70 a,
         #menu-item-69 a, #menu-item-68 a, #menu-item-67 a")
     .mouseover(function () {
       jQuery("#content").load(jQuery(this).attr("href") + " #content");

I need help in setting the mouseout

So if I am on site.com/about and mouseover the menu the content loads in the div then I would like the mouseout to revert to the content for the about page...and so on

Thanks for any help in this

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this is a rough solution right here (may need to be optimized):

jQuery(function() {
    (function($) {

        //original html storage
        var origHtml = [];

        //create the child selectors 
        var links = [
            '#menu-item-72 a',
            '#menu-item-71 a',
            '#menu-item-70 a',
            '#menu-item-69 a',
            '#menu-item-68 a',
            '#menu-item-67 a'

        //use jQuery to apply one handler for all links
        $('nearest_common_parent_to_links').on('mouseover', links, function() {

            var url = $(this).attr("href") + " #content";

            //remove the original content and store
            origHtml = $("#content").children().detach();

            //load your custom content                

        }).on('mouseout', links, function() {

            //restore original html

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Wow nicely commented reply, thanks Joseph I will try the solution today. –  Laurence L Mar 26 '12 at 20:59
Unfortunately I can't get it to work :-( –  Laurence L Mar 26 '12 at 21:33
you can set breakpoints and check if origHtml contains the original contents, try to check if remote content was loaded using .load() and check the console. i can't really test this one myself. –  Joseph the Dreamer Mar 26 '12 at 21:39
OKay thanks will try –  Laurence L Mar 27 '12 at 0:56
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