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In Eclipse, how can I change default font for python code in editor (PyDev plugin)? I navigate to Window - Preference - General - Appearance - Colors & Fonts but don't find which item would affect python code font.

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I guess you are using PyDdev? Then you should have a look at Window -> Preferences -> PyDev -> Editor (PyDev Editor Preferences)

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Yes, I use PyDev. I follow your guide and click on link Color & Fonts at the bottom. I lead me to item Basic - Text Font in screen Colors & Fonts I mentioned in question. That is the item affecting python code fonts. Thanks. – bnguyen82 Mar 27 '12 at 3:52

Following the guidance of gecco, I find out the item in general Colors & Fonts which affects python code fonts. It's Text Font in Basic folder.

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On the Mac, I can get to the PyDev settings via:

Eclipse -> Preferences -> PyDev (in tree) -> Editor (subtree)

In my case, I wanted to change hash tag comments from nearly invisible grey to a better color. Worked like a charm.

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