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I want to generate a triangle with a background colored in rgb colors. This is used to display color values.

I could find out how to calcuale positions in such a triangle

function [x,y] = RGBtoCartCoordXY(R, G, B)
RGB = R + G + B;
r = R / RGB; g = G / RGB; b = B / RGB;
XYr = [-0.5; -0.5]; XYb = [+0.5; -0.5]; XYg = [+0.0; +0.5];
xy = (r * XYr + b * XYb + g * XYg) / ( r + g + b );
x = xy(1); y = xy(2);

but my approach to paint such a triangle with points in a plot was not very successful and it takes very long for a usefull number of points (here > 100000)

enter image description here

It seems as if the points have a shadow and i want no white space in the background. Appart from that I want this plot to be as fast as possible, since I want to plot a simple curve on top - which is the actual information in the plot. EDIT:

The plot is based on this code:

for r = linspace(0,1,points)
    for g = linspace(0,1,points)
        for b = linspace(0,1,points)
            index = index + 1;            
            RBGtriple(index, :) = [r g b];

for k = 1:size(RBGtriple,1)
    R = RBGtriple(k,1);
    G = RBGtriple(k,2);
    B = RBGtriple(k,3);
    [x y] = RGBtoCartCoordXY(R,G,B);
    xaxis(k) = x;
    data(k) = y;

hold on;
for k = 1:size(RBGtriple,1)
    hplot = plot (xaxis(k), data(k));
    set(hplot, ...
        'Marker', 'square', ...
        'LineStyle','none' , ...
        'MarkerSize' ,3 , ...
        'LineWidth' , 0.1, ...
        'MarkerEdgeColor',RBGtriple(k, :) , ...
        'MarkerFaceColor',RBGtriple(k, :));   
hold off;  
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Which function do you use to plot? And what are your R,G,B input values? – arne.b Mar 26 '12 at 10:59
As shown in the enhanced question he rgb values are equal distributed between 0 an 1 and the plot is done with plot. – Matthias Pospiech Mar 26 '12 at 11:33
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If you want to have a color value for all points in the plane, why do you not take each point an calculate the color value, but instead take a color value and calculate the point where it should appear? Apparently, none of your color input values produces an xy of [-.49,-.49], so the red marker at [-.5,-.5] is alone in its region.

Also, you are plotting individual points consecutively, which of course is not fast. (You have matrices growing inside loops in the first two thirds of the code you posted, but I guess the slowest part is the final section). Try creating a matrix of the values you want to show first, then display it.

Try this code:

imgsize = 500;
for i=1:length(xaxis),

For me, this (or similar code adapted from yours) produces a triangle with similar color distribution, but turned 90° and with the default black background.

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+1 for sampling the other way around – Jonas Heidelberg Mar 26 '12 at 13:05
This only gives me a blue square with 50x50 pixels. m contains only values 0 or 1 whereas RGBtriple contains values of colors. – Matthias Pospiech Mar 26 '12 at 14:01
I left very small error as an exercise for the reader ;-) – arne.b Mar 26 '12 at 16:30
Indeed, it has to be m(1+floor((xaxis(k)+0.5)*imgsize),1+floor((data(k)+0.5)*imgsize),:)=RGBtriple(k‌​,:). It gives a nice triangle. But I think I have to find a way to iterate over the points of the triangle directly, because with a high resolution black points in the triangle still remain. – Matthias Pospiech Mar 27 '12 at 6:45

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