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I have to write a program to establish a secure communication with a USB device. I have to use the private key generated from it which is stored in PKCS#1 format. As I have used Crypto++ in order part of my program, I would like to utilize it for this purpose as well.

However, I cannot find a way to import RSA private key from memory. It accepts private key in PKCS#8 format only. Could some pro show me a sample code on how to do it? Many thanks!

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PKCS#1 format is ASN.1 encoded. For RSAPublicKey and RSAPrivateKey, ts as easy as:

// Save key
RSA::PublicKey publicKey(...);

ByteQueue queue;

// Load key
byte key[] = {...}
ArraySource arr(key, sizeof(key));

RSA::PublicKey privateKey;

Saving and loading keys is discussed in more detail at the Crypto++ wiki under Keys and Formats. See the sections on Loading Keys and Saving Keys, and the functions DEREncodePrivateKey, DEREncodePublicKey, BERDecodePrivateKey, and BERDecodePublicKey.

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