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First of all, I don't need a textual comparison so Beyond Compare doesn't do what I need.

I'm looking for a util that can report on the differences between two files, at the byte level. Bare minimum is the need to see the percentage change in the file, or a report on affected bytes/sectors.

Is there anything available to save me the trouble of doing this myself?

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I found VBinDiff. I haven't used it, but it probably does what you want.

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I use vbindiff. The interface is awful, but it works. – John Millikin Sep 19 '08 at 1:46

I guess it depends on what exactly is contained in the file, but here's a quick one:

hexdump file1 > file1.tmp
hexdump file2 > file2.tmp
diff file1.tmp file2.tmp

Since 16 bytes are typically reported on each line, this won't technically give you a count of the bytes changed, but will give you a rough idea where in the file changes have occurred.

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UltraCompare is the best for binary comparison. It has a smart comparator that is really useful.

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ECMerge recently introduced a binary differ, it can compare files of several giga bytes (the limit is somewhere above the tera byte). it works on linux, windows, mac os x and solaris. it gives you byte by byte or block per block statistics.

You can parameter synchronization window (if desired) and minimal match.

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Seems nice and lots of features. not freeware – Stevko Jan 20 '12 at 20:32

You can use xdelta. This is open source binary diff tool that you can use then to make binary patches, but I think it also gives the information about differences found.

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There's Araxis Merge available for windows. Here's a page that describes their binary comparison feature.

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