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Websphere commerce 7 Madison Store. I am trying to change the view, after calling the orderadditem. In madison click on addto cart in any item it will call AjaxOrderItemAdd service. But after adding i need to change the view from struts-config-ext.xml.

Uptill what i have done is . created a command MyOrderItemAddCmdImpl

public void performExecute() throws ECException {
        responseProperties.put(ECConstants.EC_VIEWTASKNAME, "CustomView");

and added entry in cmdreg table

update cmdreg set classname='com.mindtree.cust.MyOrderItemAddCmdImpl' where interfacename=   '';

and added a custom view in struts-confid-ext.xml

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You can pass your CustomView as an URL parameter in the AjaxOrderItemAdd method.

Please refer to

for more details.

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