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I am trying to loop through each line in a file and find and extract letters that start with ${ and end with }. So as the final output I am expecting only SOLDIR and TEMP(from inputfile.sh).

I have tried using the following script but it seems it matches and extracts only the second occurence of the pattern TEMP. I also tried adding g at the end but it doesn't help. Could anybody please let me know how to match and extract both/multiple occurences on the same line ?


SOLPORT=\`grep -A 4 '\[LocalDB\]' \${SOLDIR}/solidhac.ini | grep \${TEMP} | awk '{print $2}'\`  


while read line ; do    
  echo $line | sed 's%.*${\([^}]*\)}.*%\1%g'  
done < "$infile"  
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May I propose a grep solution?

grep -oP '(?<=\${).*?(?=})'

It uses Perl-style lookaround assertions and lazily matches anything between '${' and '}'.

Feeding your line to it, I get

$ echo "SOLPORT=\`grep -A 4 '[LocalDB]' \${SOLDIR}/solidhac.ini | grep \${TEMP} | awk '{print $2}'\`" | grep -oP '(?<=\${).*?(?=})'
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TIL about grep -P, thanks. –  Zsolt Botykai Mar 26 '12 at 10:31

This might work for you (but maybe only for your specific input line):

sed 's/[^$]*\(${[^}]\+}\)[^$]*/\1\t/g;s/$[^{$]\+//g'
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It worked. Thanks. –  user1292603 Mar 26 '12 at 9:59
In that case you might want to accept the answer. –  Zsolt Botykai Mar 27 '12 at 7:25

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