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Background info for this question: we want to find a way managing node data for religious routing activities. There are many nodes in a routing, some nodes are visited more than once. Also we want nodes showing info about what routing activities they are included, which I guess bi-direction reference needed.

My best idea is to implement a custom Routing type, with a ReferenceField to record visited node data. But ReferenceField by default can only pick items once, this does not work for my case when a node is visited more than once. Another possibility is to use ReferenceDataGridField, but my experience with DemoType shows: Items can be selected more than once, but not all of them displayed. ref scrennshot at https://profiles.google.com/114833061013932542407/photos/5675955895375004593/5724130920300267618

Any hints to solve this, or example to look into?

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You'll probably have to override the ReferenceField to be able to save multiple same values. Shouldn't be that difficult. –  vangheem Mar 26 '12 at 17:19
If you don't need OOTB AT widgets stuff you can also use annotation to store the data and then create a simple widget for displaying data as you like –  simahawk Mar 28 '12 at 7:29

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