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i have a sql query where i count the number of rows

SELECT count(*) AS `nr` FROM `ordine` WHERE (ditta_id = '3') AND (YEAR(`data`) = '2012') AND (stato = 'approvato' or stato = 'consegnato') LIMIT 1

I update some row changing stato into 'approvato', sometimes count() gives me the right number, sometimes it gives me the old number

Here is a piece of my logs:

2012-03-23T10:42:45+01:00 DEBUG (7): Row id = 1809
2012-03-23T10:42:45+01:00 DEBUG (7): SELECT count(*) AS `nr` FROM `ordine` WHERE (ditta_id = '3') AND (YEAR(`data`) = '2012') AND (stato = 'approvato' or stato = 'consegnato') LIMIT 1
2012-03-23T10:42:45+01:00 DEBUG (7): Result = 140
...change stato into 'approvato' thus count must give me 141 next time, requery the row, check changes are saved

2012-03-23T10:44:52+01:00 DEBUG (7): Row id = 1810
2012-03-23T10:44:52+01:00 DEBUG (7): SELECT count(*) AS `nr` FROM `ordine` WHERE (ditta_id = '3') AND (YEAR(`data`) = '2012') AND (stato = 'approvato' or stato = 'consegnato') LIMIT 1
2012-03-23T10:44:52+01:00 DEBUG (7): Result = 140 ?!!! why not 141?

ditta_id, agente_id, stato are indexes

I am using Zend Framework 1.11.11 and MySQL 5.1.49-3

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Are you you're not changing the value from a row that already meets the counting criteria? You don't show enough information to really assess that. – dldnh Mar 26 '12 at 9:48
@Vytautas - Both queries have COUNT(*), so the same behaviour is exhibitted by both - NULL or NOT NULL makes no difference. – MatBailie Mar 26 '12 at 10:03
yes i am using MyISAM, so how do i get rid of the cache the article talks anout? changing count(*) to count(id) will fix it? – max4ever Mar 26 '12 at 10:05
@max4ever - The article doesn't talk about a cache that fails to update. The article talks about COUNT(*) having different functionality from COUNT(col) (The latter does not count rows with a NULL in the column), and the relevance of Indexes, etc, to the query plan and performance. It is not relevant to your case. [Have you been able to check the possibilities described in my answer? Can you show us the exact values of the row before and after your changes?] – MatBailie Mar 26 '12 at 10:22
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For the row you updated, I assume one of the following to be true...

  • ditta_id is not '3'
  • YEAR(data) is not '2012'
  • stato was already 'approvato'
  • stato was already 'consegnato'
  • The new value in stato has a typo

Are you able to show us these fields before and after you change the stato field?

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i had a very complicated logical error, sorry my mistake – max4ever Mar 26 '12 at 10:29

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