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Cannot create or save in k2 v2.5 in.5 joomla 1.7.3? I am having a problem with K2 especially when it comes to creating categories and articles. The SAVE, SAVE&CLOSE or SAVE&NEW buttons in the administration part of the site don't seem to be working. When you click on them they do nothing. The only thing working is the CANCEL button.

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Any javascript errors on firebug ? –  Shaz Mar 26 '12 at 23:56

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Dunno if this help, but at least it helped getting the save button work.

"As suggested if you are using joomla 1.7 and k2 2.5.5 go to joomla admin > Extensions > Plugin Manager > Disable "Smart Search - K2" plugin."

ref: https://www.gavick.com/forums/general-discussion/k2-2-5-5-problem-14690.html

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I think its installation problem , you know was there any problem when you installing k2 component? (installation problem mainly based in folder permission issue in ftp), I do k2 component.


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