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I am doing homework and need to check if HTML table column has given text. I copied example from web_steps.rb and tried to change to fit my need but test fails. Step:

And I should not see 'G'

Step definition that fails:

Then /^(?:|I )should not see '([^']*)'$/ do |text|
  if page.respond_to? :should
    page.find('#movies').should have_no_content(text)
    assert page.find('#movies').has_no_content?(text)

Error is:

expected #has_no_content?("G") to return true, got false (RSpec::Expectations::ExpectationNotMetError) ./features/step_definitions/movie_steps.rb:35:in /^(?:|I )should not see '([^']*)'$/' features/filter_movie_list.feature:37:inAnd I should not see 'G''

movies is id of table.

Table looks like: enter image description here

I am stuck here and couldn't go further. Can someone give me some hint to solve this problem?

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You can try with:

assert page.find('#movies').has_no_content?(">#{text}<")
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Thanks, it works. It even works with assert page.find('#movies').has_no_content?("<td>#{text}<td>") –  Иван Бишевац Mar 26 '12 at 22:22
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Well the reason it fails is because it sees the capital G in "PG". Basically, what you want is to see no TD cell under the "Rating" column having a G rating, right? What you might want to try using is XPath in your step to drill down in to the TD's and check that the whole cell does/does not contain your text.

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I don't know XPath very well. Could it be done in other way? –  Иван Бишевац Mar 26 '12 at 16:10
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