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I want to have a equal distribution on APPID and want to use HASH PARTITION..

  "5mintime" TIMESTAMP,
  username VARCHAR2(64) DEFAULT cast('UNKNOWN' as VARCHAR2(7)),
  host number,
  src_zone VARCHAR2(32),
  domain VARCHAR2(512),
  dst_zone VARCHAR2(32),
  content VARCHAR2(64),
  category VARCHAR2(64),
  url VARCHAR2(1024),
  hits number DEFAULT 1, 
  bytes number, 
  appid VARCHAR2(32),  
  application VARCHAR2(64),
  categorytype VARCHAR2(64) DEFAULT cast('UNKNOWN' as VARCHAR2(7)),
  usergroup VARCHAR2(384) DEFAULT cast('UNKNOWN' as VARCHAR2(7))
partition by hash(APPID)
partitions 4
store in (IVIEWDB);

I have inserted 6 rows but all are going in one partition only..i want to distribute data equally among all partitions..any idea for it..??

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6 rows isn't really a high enough n -- the probability that the hash function, whatever Oracle uses, returns the same hash modulo 4 for 6 rows is quite high.

I'd try with, say, 1000 or 10000 rows to see if the partitioning actually works reasonably well (ie. let's say 225-275 (or 2250-2750) rows per partition).

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If Hash values of APPID column is mostly same..then how will it equally distribute..??.(i.e.my APPID goes like 1,10,1000,then for all this hash value it will go in same partition). –  Asha Koshti Mar 26 '12 at 12:50
Are they actually mostly the same for your expected values? If so, then alright -- you have a corner case in which you'll need to use a different hashing function that behaves properly for your data. –  AKX Mar 26 '12 at 19:32

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