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I have created custom cell in which there are n number of image views. According to number of image views per row, i put the size of the imageview. for that, I need width of the UITableView in initWithStyle: method of the UITableViewCell. But the iPad returns the width of the UITableView as 320. My application is designed for the iPad only and I have put XIB for iPad only (I have checked the option "Targeted for iPad" or like).

Is there any way I can get the width of the tableview from the init method? I have used self.contentView.frame and self.frame but they didn't work.

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Everything is correct. ;) As soon, as you init a tableRow, it's width is probably 320 by default. You have to use correct autoresizing flags for your imageView to resize automatically. Alternativly you could use the tableView delegate method willDisplayRow:atIndexPath: to customize the imageView, after the tableViewRow has been resized to its actual size.

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well..this is not good...I have to set all that again in the willDisplayRow: method.... :( any way, but thanx for the kind answer. – Sunil Chauhan Mar 26 '12 at 12:34
no probably you can use autoresizing on your imageView as well. (unless that doesn't fit in your case.. but i think it does) – jaydee3 Mar 26 '12 at 12:36

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