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I have MainActivity which extends TabActivity and holds two tabs represented by Activity1 and Activity2

1.If I run this App on emulator or device from Eclipse MainActivity->onCreate() is invoked, it gives user selection of places through a Dialog. When user selects a place, Activities for tabs are created and currentTab is also set bringing Activity1 to front and PAUSING MainActivity .

2.Whenever I hit HOME button or hit Back few times. I can see that MainActivity along with Activity1 and Activity2 are PAUSED.

3.When I go to Application/MyApp after latter, The state of Application is maintained and I can see that whatever Activities were running are brought back to the front by being RESUMED.

This part works really well

However, if I export MyApp as release version.

If I follow 1 and 2 and then try to go to Applications/MyApp I ALWAYS get Dialog for place selection, meaning that MainActivity is being created which in turn means that it was destroyed while I went to HOME.

  • Why this is happening with build version but not while i Run it from Eclipse?

What is even more strange to me is that when I press BACK button while on Dialog screen i will get either Activity1 or 2 from my previous launch of MyApp. Which means that Activity1 or 2 (Activity that was in front while presing HOME) was not destroyed.

  • Can MainActivity (base for TabHost) be destroyed while it holds Activity1 or 2 that is not destryed?

Hope I explained it well

UPDATE 27.03.2012

Now thats funny :) I build apk then upload it to server. Then on my galaxy 2.2 I type in url in a browser and download apk. After its finished downloading I install it. When Install is finished I have two options Open and Done when I press Open I can replicate the issue described earlier.. but when I choose Done and later access it through Application menu it works ok! so this choice determines how app behaves later ? why? how? Im puzzled

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I will add that device is SGalaxy 2.2; emulator is 2.2 / 2.3.3 –  AndroidGecko Mar 26 '12 at 12:24

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