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I've inherited some VBA code (non-.NET, Excel 2003) I have to modify. I want to obtain a handle on a cell range but VBA doesn't like my syntax, saying 'Run-time error 424: Object required'.

When running this code it highlights the line assigning streamsTotal.

Private Sub totalStreams()

    Dim streams, streamsTotal As Range

    ' Select streams data range
    Set streams = Range("H8").End(xlDown)

    ' reference cell 2 cells below last stream row
    Set streamsTotal = streams.Offset(2, 0)

End Sub

I'm struggling to find my answer in Google and previous questions here. Thanks.

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Just so you know, in VBA if you do this: Dim streams, streamsTotal As Range You have actually declared streams as a Variant. You might want: Dim streams As Range, streamsTotal As Range –  Oorang Jun 13 '09 at 17:32
Thanks, I assumed they were both Range. –  Greg K Jul 31 '09 at 12:31

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Turns out the cell range I was attempting to select was empty.

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