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I am currently working on HTML I want to ask a question about website development.I am developing a website in which the basic layout remains same like menu, side menu etc but only the content changes.Currently I have make separate .html file for all web pages. Can any one tell me is there a way through which I can make a separate file having etc common to all and call it in my html file.I have heard about CSS but it will only change the style and layout. thanks

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How will you write your HTML applications? ASP.NET? PHP? JSP? They provide a page template (or master page) from what every page can inherit. – Adriano Repetti Mar 26 '12 at 13:23

If your HTTP (apache 2 and IIS do) server supports Server Side Includes then you can just include another HTML file :

<!--#include file="header.html"-->

your content

<!--#include file="footer.html"-->

no need for a server side language then - just plain HTML

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I don't get it. I have an HTML page like this: and a CSS file that looks like this: How can I set the same layout for a page like this? – Adegoke A May 16 '13 at 23:22

This is very big topic to include in just one answer. SO I will give only the logical part.

Separate your template into multiple chunks like:

1. header.php
2. leftSidebar.php
4. rightsidebar.php
5. footer.php

Now, include these common part on your every page.

For example: index.php


    include "header.php";
    include "leftSidebar.php";
    echo "<div>".$thedifferentpart."</div>"; //Change only this part on every other page you will create.
    include "footer.php";


NOTE: This is only a logical part, applying the concept on your code

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Is there a way from inside the php file header.php to see that it has been called by index.php? I ask because I have a menu whose buttons appear differently depending on the current page (i.e. I add a class to the current-page and give it different style) – CodyBugstein Mar 7 '14 at 13:27

Yes, your best bet is a server side language, as Adam said. Absolutely avoid using the old style html frames: they're deprecated, and cause a certain number of problems, both on the programming side and on google optimization.

By using a server side language, you'll still have entire pages, but they will be partially generated by php (or asp) by printing more files into one. For example:


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Your best bet in the long term is to use a server side language like or PHP

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hmm thanks. but do you mean that I have to do it seperatly for every .html fle? – mainajaved Mar 26 '12 at 13:23
Please see @starx answer below me for information on how you could proceed using php for this objective. – KingCronus Mar 26 '12 at 13:27

I don't believe that is possible, strictly through HTML. However, you could use server side scripting like PHP to get it done. What you're talking about is a template, and is used quite often. What you would want, is to have your menu items (and CSS) and your header/footer code in separate pages. This way, if you make changes to the menu, or header/footer, it would be reflected in all the pages (written with PHP) you have scripted with the template method.

You would need the menu.html, header.html and footer.html in a place accessible by your main page code. That is, you would use the template method to write the content of your pages.

A psuedo code example in PHP would be like such:


    echo "Your main content items here";

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