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It is semantically correct to use the figure element for icons like this:

<figure class="icon clouds"></figure>

This represents a icon aside a nav item.

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It's never semantically correct to have an empty element. @snaderss: What do you base your claim upon? –  Wesley Murch Mar 26 '12 at 13:31

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no its definitely not: http://html5doctor.com/the-figure-figcaption-elements/

The figure element represents a unit of content, optionally with a caption, that is self-contained, that is typically referenced as a single unit from the main flow of the document, and that can be moved away from the main flow of the document without affecting the document’s meaning. W3C Specification

you can't remove it from the flow of the document. It its not next to the navigation point, it makes no more sense.

Just use a span or a :before pseudo element.

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