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How to implement a PID controller in Keil Uvision 4?. I am currently working on a code that runs the PID with the the help of a water tank system. I am new to this keil Uvision4. Can someone guide me through this please? I have created a PID controller code in normal c using Dev C++.

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There is a good article on how to create a PID controller here. Keil support actually pointed at this document when someone asked the same question at their forum.
Code was written using Keil C166 C compiler and uVision IDE.

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thanks for your reply. I did check on the sites that you have provided. It is useful in some parts. But what I am looking for is for a basic code of PID on a water tank. It has been done in matlab. But I have to do it in keil uVision 4. –  user1254511 Mar 26 '12 at 14:54

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