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I am beginner in ruby + rails.

I have problem to get values in controler of checkbox with params[] of rails.

The Case:

I have simple form that that have checkbox and i want to sent reqular request to controller action with user checked values. The problem that params[:rating] can have few values.

My case: html user side:

<form id="ratings-form">
     <input name="rating" type="checkbox" value="G">G
     <input name="rating" type="checkbox" value="PG">PG
     <input name="rating" type="checkbox" value="PG-13">PG-13
     <input name="rating" type="checkbox" value="R">R
     <input type="submit" value="refresh">

controller action code to parse checked values: (get error 1. params[:rating] == nil or params[:rating] == string)

params[:rating].each  do |rat|
     p rat;

What should i change in the code to make it work?


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Try this HTML

<input name="rating[]" type="checkbox" value="G">G
<input name="rating[]" type="checkbox" value="PG">PG
<input name="rating[]" type="checkbox" value="PG-13">PG-13
<input name="rating[]" type="checkbox" value="R">R

Then you should have an array in params[:rating].

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thanks! working great –  Yosef Mar 26 '12 at 14:37

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