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Fairly new to Objective C and trying to work within Storyboards given it's the newest and greatest from Apple.

I'm curious, at a high level, what the preferred or best practice is for passing data between storyboard scenes where Core Data is the backend? In other words, very simple example, one scene returns a set of data, then uses a seque to point to detail (i.e., passes some identifier from the set of data to the next scene which then displays additional information based on the passed data).


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I would pass the data as an object of some kind (either an array if that is what you are creating from the Core Data call, or a ManagedObject if you are only getting one "record" from Core Data). If there isn't a good reason for making another FetchRequest, it is best to avoid doing so.

Passing this way means a Public Property on the receiving ViewController, and then you can set the value of that property in the prepareForSegue method. If you need a complete example, I can add one later.

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Helpful, thanks. – user1146403 Mar 26 '12 at 17:31

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